Our Policies

Anti Bribery and Anti Corruption Policy

G-Inter Granero International takes total stance to support the Anti-Bribery and Anti- Corruption program against harmful and highly damaging practices.

This program allows us to clearly show our position regarding bribery and corruption in the international move industry.

It is well known that bribery and corruption are unacceptable and can harm business in different ways and that is why it is part of our code of conduct not to tolerate any kind of action bonded to these practices.

We reiterate our commitment, adopting the measures below to clearly demonstrate our position:

Never engage in any form of bribery, either directly or through any third party;

Never offer or make an undue payment, or authorize an undue payment (cash or otherwise) to any individual, including any local or foreign authority anywhere in the world;

Never try to induce an individual or a local or foreign authority to act illegally or improperly;

Never offer or accept money or valuables, as gifts, bribes or commissions, in connection with the acquisition of business or the award of a contract;

Never offer or give any gift or hospitality symbol to any public or government official or representative, if there is any expectation or implication of returning a favor;

Never accept any gifts from any business partner if there is any suggestion of returning a favor is expected or implied;

Never facilitate payments to obtain a level of service that would not be normally offered;

Never induce or assist another individual to break any applicable law or regulation.

Quality Policies | GInter

Provide transportation and global mobility services, meeting the expectations of our clients.

In addition, G Inter may:

Assure resources and leadership in order to promote continuous improvement of the Quality Management System;

Keep the good relationship and control of our partners, services providers and suppliers, assuring a high performance of services provided;

Promote the personal capacitation and satisfaction of our employees, assuring commitment, innovation and qualities needed for services provision with excellence;

Assure physical integrity of our employees and protection to clients’ personal properties;

Preserve our employees’ health and Safety;

Meet all applicable legislations to our services.

Policy | Social Responsability

G INTER seeks to contribute to the society development, promoting social integration actions and fight against discrimination.

In addition, G Inter is committed to:

Generate the first job hiring opportunity;

Integrate and qualify those people who have some kind of disability to the working market;

Promote and develop social campaign, involving associates, clients, suppliers and the society;

Promote employeers’ awareness regarding the use of drugs, alcohol and tabacco;

Do not allow child, slave and degrading work on GInter, nor hide suppliers who use this practice;

Comply with legal obligations which in turn contribute to income generation and improvement of social conditions;

Encourage the associates understanding to fight against racial, cultural, religious discrimination and gender differences.

Policy | Information Security

GInter protects your information by considering them as having high strategic and marketing relevance. Constantly develops information security system aiming to retain the competitive intelligence.

In addition, G Inter shall:

Educate the associates in all levels as to promote information security;

Develop measurement and information traffic monitoring, assuring services stoppage risks reduction;

Systematically perform backups, assuring reduction and removal of information loss risk;

Follow the access and use of information based on permission parameters;

Hire Agents services, first and foremost with mobility international federations’ certificates;

Dispose and/or destroy all clients’ personal information from 07 years of storage.

Environmental Policy

Provide transportation and global mobility services, preserving and generating sustainability actions to the environment.

In addition, G Inter commits to:

Promote the environmental awareness of its associates;

Recycle, reuse, and reduce package environmental aspects e impacts;

Monitor and control the fleet opacity in legally acceptable levels;

Develop water reduction conscious consumption actions;

Perform the separation and disposal of wastes according to its environmental classification;

Promote electric power consumption reduction;

Use non toxical substances to perform wood fumigation that does not damage the atmosphere and soil;

Commitment with the current environmental law.

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