International Moves

International Moves

Exportação de mudanças

Export Moves

GInter specializes in moving unaccompanied baggage and household goods from any part of Brazil to any destination worldwide. Through our network of internationally accredited partners we can manage the whole process from our  headquarters in Brazil and provide a local clearance and delivery service anywhere in the world.

Customers can be confident that our attention to detail, and the dedication of our overseas partners, will ensure the quality of our moving services.

Importação de mudanças


GInter can handle the import of unaccompanied baggage and household goods to Brazil through our specialist import department.  We can organize moves from any part of the world to Brazil and also provide a complete destination service for our extensive network of international partners worldwide.

Mudança entre países

Cross-country Moves

We can manage cross-country moves between any two countries where neither the origin or destination country is Brazil.  The entire process is managed and controlled from our headquarters in Brazil using the services of our extensive network of partners worldwide.

We have had close working relationships with all our partners over many years and the quality of their service is independently verified.  This means that clients may be confident that we will provide a first-class, door-to-door service wherever in the world they are moving from or to.

Managing and Renovation of Responsibility Terms (RT)

For people moving into Brazil on a Temporary Visa, GInter will manage the Responsibility Terms (RT) service and its appropriate controls for its renovation or cancelling before expiration, avoiding eventual troubles with the Brazilian IRS.

This service relieves customers of the need to deal with these bureaucratic issues and frees them to concentrate their time on other commitments.


With GInter, service is guaranteed.


GInter provides a flexible storage service to meet all our customers’ needs.  This includes:

  • A detailed inventory of all items being taken into storage;
  • Steel containers conforming to international standards for household goods storage;
  • All goods stored in a specifically allocated location;
  • Total security and access control.
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